Sebuah Kajian tentang Strategi Pembelajaran yang dicontohkan Rasulullah saw

  • Alfan Nur Azizi, Socheh


The learning strategies are ways that teachers can use in achieving learning objectives with various methods, approaches, and models that can be used. Rasulullah as a good role model had exemplified some good learning strategies in making a generation of companions who are superior in science. Some of the strategies he applied in conveying hadith were (1) learning by practice, Rasulullah explained some sciences by demonstrating it directly without lecturing, (2) learning gradually, in conveying knowledge, he delivered it little by little, (3) learning by paying attention to the diversity of students, Rasulullah distinguished the methods used for students who had the differences because students have a unique diversity and different methods are needed for different students, 4) learning by asking and answering questions, Rasulullah frequently asked and answered questions with his companions to stimulate their thinking, so that they thought more in receiving knowledge. These methods were widely discussed in contemporary theory, but basically, Rasulullah had applied them first.

Author Biography

Alfan Nur Azizi, Socheh

Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang

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